2 Rooms. 1 Location. Double the Storage.

17 Feb 2015


Product:  Spacesaver Stainless Steel ActivRAC and Spacesaver Mechanical Assist

Installation: December 2014

Description:  Storage was solved at 2 different locations within a local business in NJ.  The ActivRAC Stainless Steel application is located in a Cold Storage room with temperatures -20.00 degrees Celsius, and has since increased the overall linear footage from 488 ft. to 719 ft. storing medical testing solutions.

Additionally, Spacesaver’s Mechanical Assist nearly doubled the storage capacity in a 700 square foot room that can now hold 2,856 boxes – full of clinical trial reports and other important documents.  See below for an example of cost savings that High Density can provide:


For more information and for a FREE download of Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Shelving Brochure, or Spacesaver’s Stainless Steel ActivRAC – Click Below:

high-density        stainless-steel


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