20-foot-tall system optimizes space and provides room to grow

29 Jul 2019

Law enforcement agencies must store evidence related to serious crimes for decades, usually until the perpetrator has fulfilled his or her sentence. As a result, evidence accumulates from year to year and many agencies are faced with overcrowded long-term evidence storage areas.

In an effort to solve this problem, a growing number of police departments and sheriffs’ offices are building off-site warehouses for long-term evidence storage. Warehouses keep evidence organized and secure while being located on less expensive real estate on the outskirts of town. Moving evidence off-site also frees up valuable space back at headquarters for locker rooms, training areas, and other uses.

The sheriff’s office pictured here typically takes in around 20,000 evidentiary items every year and had been storing evidence in a 1930s-era prison for decades. When the office acquired funding for a new storage facility, the project planning team met with the local Spacesaver consultant repeatedly over the course of four years to design a variety of solutions to help secure the chain of custody.

The centerpiece of the new warehouse is a 20-foot XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage System that was designed to take full advantage of the vertical space. The shelving is four feet deep to perfectly accommodate two banker’s boxes placed end-to-end, and the boxes can be accessed from either side. This prevents mix-ups and unneccessary handling.

Careful planning, attention to detail, and custom engineering and manufacturing have resulted in a fully optimized storage facility that has plenty of room to grow in the future.

See below for a photo of the final space:

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