5 Ways We Can Help with Pharma Storage

28 Mar 2018

We have extensive experience creating customized Pharmaceutical storage solutions for our clients, based on their needs, their spaces, and their budgets.  Check out our favorite 5 ways we can help you create specialized storage spaces specifically for the Pharmaceutical market:


 1.  Cold Room Storage

Spacesaver’s unique ability to use high density shelving within environmental chambers allows for major cost savings by requiring a smaller chamber, or by doubling the capacity within the same sized chamber.



2.  Sample Storage

DSSI and Spacesaver offer custom solutions for optimizing the access, efficiency, and organization in any scenario.  Our FDA Compliant high density systems can be the solution for any sample storage requirement.



3.  Lab Casework

Lab casework made easy.  We offer a hands-on approach to customized casework solutions with quick turnaround from our local factory in New Jersey.  Our inside support team and convenient location allow for the best lead times in the industry.



4.  Ventilated Mobile Cabinets

Spacesaver often partners with GC’s and ventilation experts to produce mobile ventilated cabinets with glass or steel doors.  Now, even storage with special requirements can go mobile.



5.  ActivRAC

Spacesaver’s solution to industrial-sized storage problems, ActivRAC has the ability to hold up to 30,000 lbs of materials per mobile shelving section.   ActivRAC can be used in almost every application, from a small stainless steel system to a full warehouse.



Want more information on Pharmaceutical solutions?  Contact us today and visit our Pharma page on our website!



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