Archival Storage for Historical Church

09 Mar 2016


St. David’s Episcopal Church in Wayne, PA has an immensely rich 300 year history with its cornerstone being laid in 1715.  The church has housed soldiers from both sides of the revolutionary war, is the subject of Henry Wordsworth Longfellow’s 1880 poem “Old St. David’s Church“, has had many historic figures laid to rest on its grounds, and was even the location of a DSSI’s teammate’s wedding a few years ago.  As the church has changed and grown, this historical building was being renovated and the need to create a safe and usable area for the archive was at the top of the list.

That’s where the storage experts at Diversified Storage Solutions Inc. come in.  In the spring of 2015 DSSI was asked to help plan St. David’s archival storage/workroom.  After meeting with members of the St. David’s team to better gain an understanding of how the space was going to be used, a custom and thoughtful solution was created.  A combination of display, museum grade storage cabinets, shelving, fire proof filing, flat file storage and casework products was designed to best fit their needs.

As a result, St.Davids now has a working room that provides the ability to archive and upload its database to the internet making it searchable to anyone online.  The Church can now share its history with people all over the world, all within a 12′ x 15′ space.

See the results pictured below:

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