Attention Distributors!

24 Nov 2014


With Thanksgiving approaching quickly many of us may be indulging in seasonal and craft beers to compliment our turkey dinners.  Craft beer has had explosive growth in just the last few years, and with the demand often comes a need to expand.  See below for an excerpt from a recent Spacesaver blog post tackling potential storage situations for craft beer and  and Click Here to read the entire article:

“In the past few years craft beers have been growing in popularity throughout the nation. With an increase of 17% by dollars and 15% by volume in 2012 alone, there are over 2,000 craft breweries operating in the U.S.

With the higher price of craft brews, it’s not only the breweries themselves who are seeing an opportunity to create a better business but also craft beer distributors. By offering and selling a larger variety of brews, it requires additional flexibility from warehouse distributors to manage the mixed-SKUs and pallets.  Wholesalers and distributors also say that adding craft brews require a signifcant amount of investment for warehouse space, equipment and personnel.

Warehouse expansion is expensive, so why not consolidate your space? Spacesaver ActivRAC mobile systems offer you twice the storage capacity in the same amount of warehouse space, so no need for expansion. Along with the additional value from saving storage space, ActivRAC systems help create a more efficient way to organize and keep track of all of your SKUs.

Attention craft beer distributors! For tips on maximizing warehouse storage efficiency and productivity, download our latest White Paper: “A Strategy for Reducing the Negative Impact of Slow-Moving Inventory.” 



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