Top 2 Reasons to Choose Touchpad Control

18 Apr 2014


Want to be found compliant during an unannouced FDA audit?  The peace of mind of keeping important documents stored securely is priceless.  Spacesaver’s Touchpad Control limits access to specific aisles by user, tracks who and when the system or aisle is accessed, and offers pin access with audit trail capability – a coveted process for any FDA audit.  Read below to see how we can help you track ownership of project documentation progression during a clinical trial with Spacesaver’s Touchpad Control with Display and Audit Trail:

1.  Who and When

The Touchpad provides the ability to audit when an aisle has been accessed, in addition to who has accessed it.

2.  Designate & Separate

The touchpad provides the ability to designate and separate modules within the system.  For example:  The HR department can keep their documents separated from other departments by programming the access code differently.  This can be planned for as many different departments as there are Touchpads.

You can easily prevent unauthorized access to selected aisles or even the entire system. Optional TouchPad or key switch controls let you regulate access to restricted aisles.  Additionally, optional locks allow individual carriages to be key-locked in the closed-aisle position. The system can also be programmed to automatically close and lock itself.  Contact Us Today for more information on Spacesaver’s Touchpad Control!



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