Cold Storage: Save Energy, Space, and Labor Costs with ActivRAC

02 Feb 2016

Did you know if you’re constructing a brand new cooler space, the average cost is $200/square foot? That means if you’re planning a 25,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse space, you’re looking at an initial construction cost of around five million dollars—not including the operational and maintenance costs.

If you’re a smaller company, you’re most likely renting—and therefore, spending a substantial share of your revenue on rent. And from Spacesaver’s research, it doesn’t seem to matter if you own or rent—there’s never enough space.

Constructing or renting new cold storage spaces isn’t your only option. A cost-effective alternative is rethinking your cold storage shelving and maximizing that pricey square footage in a whole new way.

Featured on their website, check out Spacesaver’s Cold Storage Infographic explaining the benefits and savings of compact mobile inventory:




Save on cooling costs with compact storage.  Contact us today to discover how to use our compact mobile systems to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective warehouse racking and other storage solutions.

For more information, check out our Cold Storage Webpage:


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