Compact Storage Created for a College Science Lab

02 Apr 2019

Space on campus is always in high demand, and every area that’s set aside for storage is a space that could potentially be used for teaching, research, or other uses. Yet storage actually plays a central role in the student experience: music departments need storage for instruments and sheet music, for instance, and sports teams need space for equipment.

Storage for science labs is particularly challenging because labs need to provide plenty of space for students and researchers to work while also storing equipment and materials like fragile glassware and electronics, combustible fuel, and potentially hazardous chemicals.

That was the case at the chemistry department at Truman College in Chicago. One of its two storage rooms was being converted to another use, so faculty needed to consolidate the lab’s supplies and equipment into one area.

The department needed to provide safe, convenient access to everything they had been storing before in half the space, so the project design team called the Chicago-based distributor for help.

Together they designed a high-density storage system that would eliminate wasted aisle space, increase storage capacity, and provide convenient access to frequently accessed items.

See below for a few photos of the final space:

To ensure student safety in open aisles, the design team chose electronic controls with a Zero Force Sensor® system, and they chose a “soft start – soft stop” feature to protect fragile equipment from abrupt starts and stops. To promote efficiency, the design team used the “80-20 rule” (80% of pulls tend to be from 20% of the stored items) and they placed the most frequently accessed items in “sorter units” at the front of the rows.

The result is a safe, compact, and convenient system that consolidates all the materials and equipment from two storerooms into one. Contact us today to discover how we can help you optimize space, protect equipment, and keep students safe:


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