Creating Space for Teaching and Technology

12 Feb 2019

Like many university campuses, this state university was facing a space crunch. In particular, the Department of Art and Design wanted to offer students hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology, but they lacked space for specialized computer labs for animation, digital photography, and other design courses. The main library on campus, meanwhile, had an entire floor of underutilized space. Microfilm cabinets, along with audio recordings and books on static shelving, took up the library’s lower level.

When it became obvious that the best solution would be to repurpose large areas of the library’s lower level for new learning spaces, the dean of library services contacted the nearby Spacesaver consultant for advice.

The consultant designed a solution that would allow the library to keep all its materials accessible while also making space for new technology. The library was able to store the materials in a fraction of the space by mounting its existing shelving and cabinets on Spacesaver high-density mobile systems.

The university also saved money because Spacesaver was able to manufacture systems that were perfectly sized to accommodate their cabinets and shelving.

The library’s lower level has been transformed into a bright, modern space that provides access to books and other materials as well high-tech classrooms and a large-format printing lab.

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