Custom Archival Storage Created for Historical Society of Erie County

01 Apr 2016


Location:  City of Erie, PA

Installation: February 2016

Product: Spacesaver Art Racks, Spacesaver Mechanical Assist System (10ft high!)

When the Historical Society of Erie County was moving from their downtown location to a new off-site storage area, a new warehouse building required new archival storage.  Andrew Stuart, space expert for Western PA/WV, worked with the client to create a custom storage solution using the following products:

  1. High Density Mobile Shelving

Conventional stationary shelving requires fixed aisles that waste space.  High Density Mobile Shelving can help increase revenue by eliminating all but one movable aisle, in most cases saving 50% of your floor space.  Compact storage also allows you to double the storage capacity of an existing space, which is perfect for archival storage opportunities.

  1.  Spacesaver Art Racks

Spacesaver’s art storage rack systems offer smooth and easy operation and provide an efficient way to store, organize, and display collections and artwork. Spacesaver offers a variety of options:

  • Ceiling-mounted hand-controlled manual art rack systems, called Hang Glider Pro®
  • Floor-mounted high-density art storage rack systems
  • Free-standing modular art racks
  • 4-Post Art Racks, which can be mounted on mobile carriages and integrated into compact storage systems with other Spacesaver specialty storage units

The client was extremely impressed mentioning the DSSI team worked extremely hard, were responsive to questions, and even finished a week ahead of schedule.  

See below for photos, including the architect’s drawings by Kidder Wachter Architecture & Design, that bring the storage concept to life:




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