Custom Benches Created for Police Lockers

20 May 2019

Like many cities and towns across the Midwest, a city north of Chicago had to cut down thousands of ash trees due to infestation by an insect called the emerald ash borer. Although this was a tragedy in many ways, the public works department had the foresight to keep the trunks of many of the larger trees in hopes that something positive might come out of the situation.

When the time came to plan and construct a new police facility, the planning team knew they wanted the new building to help build strong, positive connections with the community. They designed a large room for community meetings and other gatherings, and they realized that the lumber from the ash trees could be reclaimed and used in a variety of ways. The lumber was used for unique paneling and tables in the community room and elsewhere in the building.

Similar ash lumber was also incorporated into the design of the Spacesaver FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers in the locker rooms. Spacesaver’s engineering and manufacturing teams frequently collaborate with Wood Design Inc., a custom woodworking company that’s located across the street from Spacesaver’s manufacturing facility in southern Wisconsin, to create custom solutions. In this case they produced lockers with lower drawers that extend out from the locker, providing extra storage capacity in the drawers as well as a base for the custom wood benches. The drawer fronts were finished in black powder-coat paint to minimize visible scuff marks.

See below for a few photos of the final space:

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