Day Use Lockers Optimize Space in New York Office

16 Mar 2019

Activity-based workplace design, also called “hoteling” or “hot desking,” gives employees the freedom to choose their preferred work environment as their needs change throughout the day. Because most employees don’t have offices or cubicles, they need secure, reliable day use lockers to store their personal belongings, laptops, and other supplies and equipment.

The design team for an activity-based workplace in New York was committed to creating an appealing office environment while also optimizing expensive square footage in the heart of Manhattan.

The perimeter of the new office featured shared workspaces with large windows and views of Times Square and the surrounding area, and the corridors and work areas toward the building’s core also needed to be bright and welcoming.

To provide every employee with the peace of mind of knowing their belongings were secure, the Manhattan-based Spacesaver distributorship designed and installed 700 day lockers over three floors.

The design team chose steel day lockers with high-pressure laminate fronts in a warm white tone to brighten interior corridors and create a feeling of openness.

The result is a clean, modern look that’s as functional as it is attractive.

See below for a few photos of the final space:

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