Does your storage space Beg for more Kegs?

23 Oct 2014

Maximize Your Keg Storage and Fit 50% More in Less Space.

With the explosion of SKUs throughout the craft beer and cider industry and the increase in customer demand, the need for more space—and a more efficient way to use current space—is a challenge shared by many distributors.  Did you know?  According to the Wall Street Journal: “The number of craft breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs in the U.S. has grown 73% since 2009.” 

brewery explosion

So, what is most effective way to organize the SKUs that take up 80% of your warehouse but don’t move as fast, while the other 20% that generates the most revenue is constantly being loaded and unloaded?

Recover wasted aisle space and maximize your keg storage space. Plus get 100% access to everything you need—without double or triple handling.

 Maximize your cooler space for craft keg storage with mobile shelving. Spacesaver’s mobile shelving accommodates existing storage, and offers these benefits:

  • No need to build or lease additional warehouse space
  • Recover wasted aisle sapce
  • Create up to 50% more storage
  • 100% selectivity
  • Reduce double- and triple-picking

Click below to discover our NEW interactive brochure where we demonstrate our capabilities, and check out Spacesaver’s website today to learn more:

keg storage solved


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