Double Your Warehouse Space with ActivRAC

21 Jan 2016

What if you could double your warehouse space without adding to your existing building? It may seem impossible, but it’s the concept behind Spacesaver’s industrial, high-density, mobile storage solution, ActivRac. Storage is an important aspect in many warehouses but can take up a considerable amount of space — space that can be used for more storage, manufacturing, and other revenue increasing opportunities.

Generally, long-term solutions for expanding warehouse space often consist of expansion or investments in off-site storage facilities.  Diversified Storage Solutions, Inc. (DSSI),a certified Spacesaver dealership, offers tailored, high-density, mobile solutions that consolidate existing storage footprints,  increasing storage capacity in any space without the need to lease additional space. Not only do these storage systems make better use of space, they have an excellent ROI and payback period! DSSI will work through your financial scenario with you to help determine the ROI for your tailored system and how it can increase your revenue.

Watch this quick 2 minute video to get an idea of how these systems can help you make better use of your warehouse space:

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