Library Showcases Local History Collection

19 Feb 2019

The new Calgary Central Library, the flagship of the city’s public library system, opened in downtown Calgary in November 2018. It features stunning architecture and a variety of innovations to help patrons learn and explore.

The “Calgary’s Story” area showcases the local history collection of the Calgary Public Library, including monographs, photos, documents and historical maps. Visitors to Calgary’s Story can research their family history, learn about Calgary’s beginnings, share their own stories, or talk to an Indigenous Elder to hear the stories of the Blackfoot people, on whose traditional lands the Central Library was built.

Maps and other large documents are housed in Viking by Spacesaver flat-file cabinets with glass display tops. The cabinets are on casters, which allow staff to easily reconfigure the space for special events.

The cabinets are a hit with staff and patrons. See below for a few photos of the final space:

“We love that they’re on casters, providing us lots of flexibility,” said Facilities Design Lead Lisa Hardy. “The glass display makes the materials inside more visible to visitors so that they know without signage what is in the drawers. They suit our purpose perfectly.”

Although the drawers can be locked, staff are leaving them open so visitors can have full access to the maps and other documents.

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