From Posters to Paintings: Art Storage Racks Safely Store Your Pieces.

03 May 2016


Before smart phones, digital cameras, and other various forms of artistic technology, art was (and still is) a way of physically preserving a snapshot of history.  Maintaining, categorizing, and preserving cultural pieces is an art form in itself, and with collections growing by the thousands every year, how can museums keep these precious pieces in their most ideal condition for years to come?  Once more, according to a study:

“The largest museums typically display about 5% of their collection at any time.”

As a backlog of items continue to mount, organizing and safely storing unique pieces is paramount.  The L.A. Times reported, “…surveyed museums reported collectively acquiring 86,010 new works in 2013-14, building the aggregate art trove they hold for today’s public and for posterity to 13,329,116 objects.”

Once acquiring new works, the strategy to correctly store these items becomes crucial.

“When art isn’t properly stored in the correct conditions, the environment will wreak havoc on the item. Paint may begin to discolor, canvas may contract and expand which will distort the original work and dust can embed itself onto it. There are so many variables that can eventually destroy the piece, it’s important to always take the necessary steps to protect the art for future generations,” (Art Fuse: The Importance of Protecting Historic Art).

With Spacesaver Art Rack systems, less space is required for collection storage, doubling your storage capacity in the same area, and keeping art works and other cultural pieces safely preserved – allowing for future growth of collections.  All art storage rack systems offer smooth and easy operation and provide an efficient way to store, organize, and display collections, allowing you to change pieces being displayed and stored with ease. 4 specific applications include:

  1. Hang Glider Pro® are ceiling-mounted hand-controlled manual art rack systems
  2. Floor-mounted high-density art storage rack systems
  3. Free-standing modular art racks
  4. 4-Post Art Racks, which can be mounted on mobile carriages and integrated into compact storage systems with other Spacesaver specialty storage units

See below for just a few examples of art rack possibilities:


From posters to paintings, we can help you design an art storage rack solution to meet your specific need, doubling your storage capacity in the same square footage.  Click here to view more examples of Spacesaver art rack possibilities, and contact us today for more information!


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