High Density Storage in Dispensaries

23 Jul 2019

Pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries are highly regulated retail environments where every ounce of inventory must be carefully documented and tracked. Spacesaver’s PharmaStor® Front End Storage Systems allow staff to not only keep inventory secure, but also save space on the shop floor, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

Designed for use anywhere in the retail environment, from storerooms to the sales counter, high-density mobile systems help dispensaries and pharmacies store more product in less space. The systems eliminate wasted space in the aisles by mounting shelving or cabinets onto “carriages” that slide along rails. By maximizing the footprint of virtually any area, these systems help streamline workflows and keep inventory organized, close at hand, and secure.

Gain the space-saving advantages of a high-density system while also creating a display or promoting easy access to frequently used items. PharmaSTOR® Front End Storage Systems’ front end shelves can showcase retail displays on the sales floor. When located behind the counter, they can be used for frequently accessed items, staging, and work in progress, which helps create more streamlined workflows.  Contact us today to learn more about your options and have a system designed that’s a perfect fit for your space.

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