How to Move Compact Shelving

17 Aug 2015

We offer a variety of options for operating mobile compact shelving systems.

Some clients prefer the simplicity of manually-operated mobile shelving, which is operated either by a handle or mechanical assist.

Compact shelving, library storage, bookstacks on rails, shelves that moveHandle-operated mobile storage systems are easy to use and are best for light loads. Mechanical-assist compact shelving allows users to move shelves holding weights of 4,000 to 10,000 pounds with only one pound of effort. The mechanical-assist handle is ideal for library book stacks and other shelving systems that carry heavy loads.

Other clients like the convenience of an electrical powered system. We provide a number of easy-to-use powered control options with optional additional security. Our Touch Technology Control system features built-in tutorials and a complete audit system log, along with many other features. For clients who require our highest level of security, we offer passcode-protected touchpad access.

Some of our powered systems also offer remote control for forklift operators and others who require convenient access to dynamically generated aisles.

Please see our “Modes of Operation” page to learn more about these options.


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