Keep police uniforms and equipment organized

06 Mar 2019

Police departments need to keep a variety of items on hand for issuing to officers and staff, including badges, safety vests, uniforms, shoes, and other gear. In the U.S., this function is generally referred to as “quartermaster” while in Canada it’s sometimes called “quarterstores.”

The Halton Regional Police Quarterstores Services, located on the outskirts of Toronto, coordinates all supplies within the police organization, including thousands of uniforms and equipment items. The centralized unit keeps an inventory of all commonly used items and distributes them throughout the organization as needed.

The quarterstores unit was moving into a new police facility and needed a configurable storage solution for ever-changing packaging sizes. The system would need to store uniforms, coats, footwear, headgear, and a range of general supplies. The police wanted all items to be stored in an organized and efficient manner with room to grow as needs change.

After meeting with the project’s planning team, the local Spacesaver consultant designed a solution that included a LEVPRO suspended shelving system.

Traditional Spacesaver mobile systems place carriages on rails in the floor that move back and forth to compress storage into half the space. The LEVPRO system is different. Instead of placing carriages on rails in the floor, the LEVPRO system suspends the shelving on an overhead track.

The result is a modular, rail-less solution that makes it easy to add units or relocate them when necessary. The interior configurability allows quarterstores staff to add or remove shelving and other components without special tools.

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