Lockers Support Office Hoteling Trend

11 Feb 2015


Product: 300+ Hamilton Sorter Custom  Lockers with Digital Locks

Installation: January 2015

Description:  Aligning with the current trend of the office hoteling concept gaining traction, office environments are looking for daily, flexible, storage areas with smart digital locks (ADA accessible), allowing employees to work from multiple locations throughout the week.  As mentioned in Recent Trends in Office Design and Hoteling:

With the workforce becoming more mobile and dispersed, companies are saving serious overhead costs by reducing office space and finding innovative ways to utilize the smaller space. Large, open spaces with no walls or partitions are thought to breed collaboration and creativity. The increasingly distributed workforce enables companies to set up work spaces to be shared versus owned by a particular employee. Instead of each employee having their own desk or “seat,” employees can reserve office workspace as if it were a hotel room, hence its name, ‘hoteling.”

Both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing, these Hamilton Sorter Lockers can be easily accessible and interchangeable and compliment the sophisticated application of color on the locker doors as a unique visual touch.  Contact us today for more information!


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