Healthcare Storage Solutions

Supplies and medications keep increasing, while the places to store those supplies keeps decreasing. These challenges continue to keep healthcare practitioners from doing what they want to do most

spend quality time with their patients.

Challenges abound in the healthcare industry, and many of them are related to storage. Keeping supplies sanitary and easily accessible is of utmost importance. Medical records are going digital, but there’s still a need to store many types of paper records and files. Healthcare practitioners want to have quick and easy access to medical supplies at point of use, but stocking patient rooms with those supplies can cause unwanted disruption.

Improve Hospital Efficiency with Vertical Bed Storage

The Hospital Bedlift by Vidir is a cost effective hospital bed storage system designed to store hospital beds off of the floor.  Main benefits also include:

  • Saving valuable floor space
  • Removing potential fire hazards from the hospital corridor
  • Removing unused ‘hallway beds’ from the corridors so hospitals will meet JCAHO standards for the storage of hospital beds and not risk further fines or even the loss of accreditation

Vidir’s hospital bed storage rack will increase the hospitals maintenance departments’ capacity, organization, and product flow reducing down time, which increases the number of beds available for patient use at any given moment.

Click below to watch a short video demonstrating Vidir’s Bedlifts in action:


Innovative hospital design: The CoreSTOR nurse server can be stocked from the corridor and accessed inside a patient's room.

Learn more about the CoreSTOR nurse server, which allows staff to stock supplies from the corridor and access supplies from patient rooms. Your information will not be sold or shared.

Innovative Healthcare Storage Solutions

Recognizing these challenges, we’ve partnered with Spacesaver to offer some of the most innovative healthcare storage solutions that can promote better patient care. From the modular and adaptable FrameWRX Storage System that delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility for the efficient storage of hospital supplies and pharmaceuticals to the nurse server able to store everyday supplies inside the patient room and still allow for restocking outside the patient room, our healthcare storage solutions give today’s practitioners increased efficiency, a way to minimize in-room patient interruptions, and a reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections.

We also realize that a sterile work environment is crucial to the healthcare industry, which is why we’ve partnered with a number of hospital environments to deliver sterile storage options, such as our ActivRAC high-density mobile shelving system in stainless steel.

Our goal is simple: To put supplies and information at the point of need, so staff spend less time accessing necessities and more time caring for patients. Contact us to learn how we can help.