Military Gear Storage

The branches of the Armed Forces have one thing in common—an increase in gear, materials, weapons, and supplies—

and a lack of places to store them.

We’ve worked alongside military bases throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, including Joint Base McGuire—Dix—Lakehurst (JB MDL), in designing a military gear storage solution to address their unique storage challenges of three facilities merging to increase warehouse capacity without the inconvenience of new construction. We have engineered a variety of military storage solutions that can be easily adapted to every part of a base’s operations.


parachute storage racks for safe, organized military storage system

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Military Gear Storage Solutions


Weapons Storage & Armories

For military police, security forces, training facilities, and unit and battalion armies, storing weapons and other critical gear in one central place increases its security, improves the efficiency of gear issue, and helps streamline equipment inventory. The Spacesaver UWR® Weapons Storage System meets all military requirements for performance, security, and procurement with flexible configurations, sturdy construction, and a versatility that ensures operational readiness in any circumstance, whether you are on base or readying for deployment.

The UWR system can also be mounted on a high-density mobile storage system to double storage capacity and also provide an optional touchpad control with audit trail to limit access to authorized personnel. In addition to the UWR Weapons Storage System, we offer additional weapons racks and weapons deployment storage that can fit a variety of needs.


Gear Lockers

Proper gear locker storage can help provide organization of government equipment in a central location for proper storage. Often times equipment will end up being stored in cars or even residences of soldiers. Our gear lockers can be designed with perforated mesh doors to provide airflow and to obscure the view of expensive equipment kept inside for additional security. Keeping property organized and secure in a central location can assist in avoiding Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL).

Military Storage

Parachute Storage

A military parachute rigger’s primary goal is to be certain about the safety and security of the hundreds of personnel chutes they pack and store on a daily basis—and by extension, the lives of the soldiers they protect. To assist with this priority, Spacesaver has engineered two durable products for optimal military parachute storage—the Universal Storage Container (USC) and the Parachute Rack Storage System. Both of these solutions were designed with input from parariggers around the world, and they eliminate damage to chutes by keeping them organized and out of harm’s way. The Parachute Rack System can also be combined with an ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System to condense parachute storage and provide additional security.

Central Issue Facility Storage (CIF)

Central Issue Facilities are busy places, and inventory management at CIFs is crucial. Efficient storage can assist with and even improve those operations, and Spacesaver has worked with many CIFs around the United States on compacting and streamlining the storage of clothing and equipment for hundreds of thousands of soldiers. The ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System has helped several CIFs with OCIE storage, compacting storage while still allowing quick and easy access to supplies.


Warehouse Storage

A military base has no shortage of items, gear, and supplies to store—and there isn’t always a large area to keep these supplies organized. Recently, we helped Joint Base McGuire—Dix—Lakehurst install an ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System to increase storage capacity by over 100%, while still offering convenient access to all needed items. With ActivRAC systems’ ability to use existing pallet rack shelving, and with their weight capacities of 7,000 to 30,000 pounds per carriage, it’s a cost-effective solution to increasing capacity in any space.

Deployment & Expeditionary Storage

Whether a unit is deploying or training, it’s important to ensure its weapons remain in the same condition when they arrive as when they were shipped. With a versatile “plug and play” capability to fit all of your weapons and gear needs, Spacesaver’s Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System™ with TriCon military shipping container is the first custom integrated container that is capable of storing and shipping modern small arms and crew serve weapons in addition to the repair parts and collateral gear that comes with it.

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