Movable Vertical Grow Racking

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Custom-Built Movable Vertical Racking to Optimize Your Facility and Grow up to 4x the Yields

You have your own unique cultivation methods. We have decades of experience optimizing space. Together we can maximize your space, increase your yield, and boost your bottom line. With our mobile vertical grow racking integrated with your preferred lighting, irrigation and HVAC systems we design your cannabis racking system unique to your facility and your processes to create better places to work and grow.

Vertical Grow Racking Mobile Systems


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Movable Vertical Grow Racking


Maximize Yields up to 4x with Vertical Grow Racking

We’ve seen it before, the typical grow setup would include rows of tables with aisles on each side. Only one tier tall and lots of open space above and on each side of the table essentially wasted. Going vertical can exponentially increase your space or your yield by allowing tables to slide together by mounting the shelving on rails installed in or on top of your existing floor. Now you have aisles that open easily and ergonomically, with a lever or a touch of a button. With Spacesaver’s mobile vertical grow racking, you can extend up to 4-tiers or 30-feet tall depending on your needs.

Each mobile grow racking system is custom designed to make the best use of your available space.


Customize your Solution

We already assume that you have your own processes, your own techniques and even your own ‘trade secrets’—so why would you ever settle for a one-size fits all when it comes to maximizing your grow facility? We will help you design a system that is 100% tailored to your precise needs. Choose the size, height, finishes, and accessories that you need.

Take an In-Depth Look

Want to learn more about the details behind the system? Like what types of trays we can offer, how the rail is mounted or recessed in the floor, integration with lighting, ventilation and irrigation? Download this more technical guide at our vertical grow racking systems.

Movable Vertical Grow System with Ventilation
Integrated Lighting to Vertical Mobile Grow Racking

Integrated Solution

We can work with your existing tables and shelving, and your choice of lighting, irrigation, and ventilation to create efficient, productive grow rooms. Whether you’re moving into an existing building or optimizing space in your existing grow, we can help you design the optimal grow room setup for your facility.

A Phased Approach

Taking a phased approach is always an option. We can work with your schedule and budget to create a scalable solution. You can start by installing vertical grow racking systems in just one single flowering room, and the increased productivity in that room pays for new systems for additional rooms.

We can also just start with the rails in the floor (especially if you go with recessed (no bumps for carts to ride over)) during new construction. To minimize downtime, we routinely install additional systems in rooms that have recently completed a harvest. Or add more carriages to your grow at a future date to accommodate your budget as you grow your operation.

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