Office Storage Solutions

Office work environments are changing. Top employees want attractive, open, and collaborative workspaces, and many businesses have a new goal:

Create better space for employees.

Large and small employers alike are reconfiguring their offices to foster a more collaborative style of work. The days of cubicles and private offices are dwindling, as research has proven that teams get more done in open footprints, where they’re able to overhear each other and contribute ideas.

What does a company do when it needs to modify existing space to accommodate these collaborative spaces and other “recharge” places such as large centralized conference rooms, lunchrooms, resource centers, and even on-site cafes and libraries? One option is to rethink file and supply storage, and how to compactly store items while ensuring safety and accessibility. We help businesses, government agencies, and other organizations create high-density filing storage solutions for offices in Philadelphia PA and around the mid-Atlantic states.



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Spacesaver’s high-density mobile storage systems offer a way for companies in various industries to adapt to this new way of working while still retaining the valuable items they need to be productive. In addition, we also have a number of filing solutions for office storage that keep important files and supplies organized and easily accessible.


While collaborative areas weren’t the top priority for the Montgomery County Administration Building in DSS’s home of Norristown, PA, the lack of space certainly was. As the stewards of all of the records kept over the county’s 225-year history, the county’s storage was “organized chaos,” according to Ellen Schaible, a Senior Project Manager at the County’s administration building. So, when they moved into a new building that was 30% smaller, they needed to find a solution that would store over 38,000 boxes of materials.

Working with Montgomery County staff, DSS was able to increase their current shelving (approximately 900 linear feet) by 125%, to more than 2,000 linear feet of shelving. With the help of a detailed installation schedule, we were able to not only work with the project manager and her team to adhere to a tight moving deadline, but were also able to assist with the coordination of the units so staff could begin moving in immediately.