Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions

Temperature-controlled room storage and cooler storage for efficiency, sterility, and stock rotation.

There’s a reason the Mid-Atlantic is called “Pharm Country.” Biotechnology in this region stretches from the New York/New Jersey community down to the Baltimore/Washington corridor, with a “Pharmaceutical Belt” concentrated in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. Having worked with this industry over the past several decades, we’ve noticed one common thread: these companies are in constant motion, running shorter production campaigns and facilitating faster changeovers while manufacturing a wide variety of products to meet demand.

The need for agility presents challenges. Inefficiencies can arise when labs and warehouses try to accommodate ever-changing types of materials and inventory. More product lines can lead to a higher cost of goods sold and increased inventory, but they can also result in higher compliance risks and less space for research and development.

Leading industry manufacturers have told us that only 40-50% of available warehouse and cooler capacity is utilized at any given moment, and even then, they say staff spend too much time searching for products and tracking near-expiration inventory. All of this can make it fairly difficult to respond quickly to changes in the market.

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Stainless Steel Mobile Racking for Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical Storage

When we worked with a pharmaceutical research company headquartered in New Jersey, we found that all these issues were a concern, but our most important mandates were to develop a solution to store additional product lines and eliminate risks in their cooler space through preventative cleanliness operations. By using an ActivRAC stainless steel high-density mobile racking system in the cooler space, staff were able to store samples compactly, which in turn opened up space for chemicals and biologics being used for new research while still providing 100% selectivity to all products.

More efficient product storage, combined with the system’s stainless steel construction, made for easier cleaning and stock rotation, and the mechanical-assist system control offered an effortless way to move expensive products without risk of damage. And the mobile system eliminated the need for the research company to build or rent additional cooler space at $200 a square foot. Now they can concentrate on developing therapies and vaccines to help people live better—and longer—lives.


Maintain cleanliness, keep samples at appropriate temperatures, and free up additional storage space—all while eliminating the need to build or rent additional cooler storage space.

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