Warehouse Storage Solutions

We offer a variety of storage solutions for warehouse storage, including pallet racks for industrial storage, mobile pallet racking, and high-bay storage.

Today’s industrial settings can be a challenging puzzle from a storage perspective. Many warehouses need to accommodate large equipment and parts but still offer convenient storage space for smaller parts and fittings. Staff’s ability to retrieve items of all sizes is directly related to a warehouse’s productivity.

We offer a variety of solutions for warehouse racking, including wide-span metal shelving for industrial storage, mobile pallet racking on rails, and high-bay storage. We also offer modular storage for smaller items.

We’re constantly working with warehouse managers who have a “wishlist” for their ideal warehouse storage solutions:

  • “We’re out of space. We wish we could store more in the same amount of space.”
  • “We want to keep our material in our main facility.”
  • “We don’t want to take on the leasing costs or additional staff required for an off-site warehouse.”
  • “Is there an alternative to building or adding on?”
  • “We need 100% accessibility and selectivity for our products.”


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Accessibility was a primary goal of FARO Industries, a nearby manufacturing facility located in Exton, Pennsylvania. FARO develops and markets computer-aided measurements and images devices and software, and the company recently moved into a new 90,000 square foot building. However, they quickly realized that even a huge building can quickly become small once you add in space for manufacturing, research and development, design, and office function, all of which were being housed in the new facility.


The manufacturing portion of the FARO facility was especially feeling the space crunch, so we worked with the facility managers to install an ActivRAC high-density mobile pallet racking system with pallet racking on rails in their warehouse space. Now, parts of every type are systematically stored and easy to access, aisle space is eliminated when not in use, freeing up 100% more space in the same footprint, and as a direct result of both of those things, FARO can make more room for additional revenue by converting those unprofitable aisles into a profitable workspace.

Maintenance, Repair, and Operation (MRO) Equipment Supply Storage

With any MRO storage, the goal is clear—to reduce equipment downtime and lower the cost of maintenance. MRO inventory can account for as much as 40% of the annual procurement budget, and if this is your business, you know that number can actually increase depending on how inventory is managed—or not managed. Our warehouse storage solutions can help eliminate lost or misplaced items and maximize staff efficiency.

Maybe you’ve experienced this scenario:

A particular system in your warehouse breaks down, and the part that’s needed to fit it is nowhere in sight—although you could have sworn you had one in the inventory, but you can’t find it. You order one on rush order, with expedited freight, and just to be safe—so that a similar situation doesn’t happen again—you order two additional parts.

A few days later, when the parts come in and the money is subtracted from your already limited budget, you happen to be in the right place at the right time in your storage area, and see that in addition to the three parts you purchased recently, the part you needed—and a spare—was right there the whole time. Now, you have five of the exact same part when all you needed was one, and the money that you could have spent on something else is now tied up in inventory you don’t need.


We’ve seen this many times, usually right after a maintenance manager for a warehouse has reviewed his or her annual maintenance expenditures for parts or expedited freight costs. If you’d like to make a change, find the parts you already have, and keep them in your sight, contact us today for a free space assessment.