Metal shelves for indoor growing / indoor commercial agriculture

27 Jul 2015
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Corrosion-free metal shelving can dramatically increase growing space for indoor commercial agriculture and indoor growing operations.

Pennsylvania’s rich farmland has a long history of producing healthy food, but now indoor commercial growing is becoming a new force in agriculture.

Indoor vertical growing allows for:

  • multiple crop harvests throughout the year
  • drastically reduced transportation costs and emissions
  • a fresher, local product for consumers

ActivRAC high-density mobile shelving can dramatically increase growing space. By mounting your current or new plant shelving onto carriages that move along rails, you can create a growing system that creates dynamic aisles and eliminates wasted space. ActivRAC systems can hold up to 30,000 pounds to accommodate the weight of soil, aquaponics, lights, and plants.

The space saved by switching to mobile plant storage can translate to a drastically larger harvest. More food per square foot also means more profitable use of energy and warehouse space. One indoor growing facility increased growing space by 500% by switching from traditional growing to an ActivRAC mobile vertical growing system. This allowed them to save 30% on the cost of leased space and add 1,100 more lights to increase their yield.

With corrosion-resistant stainless steel options, metal shelves for indoor growing can mean more food and more profits.

Learn more about ActivRAC heavy duty mobile systems by downloading the info sheet below.
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