Mobile Racking for Cold Storage

21 Jan 2015

Growing markets for craft beer have increased the need for cold storage systems. Spacesaver recently highlighted a successful storage story for a Midwest Beer Distributor who installed mobile racking into their new keg cooler.

Storage Challenge:

The existing cold storage room was approximately 1,500 square feet and lined with static shelving.  Kegs were piled onto those shelves and also stacked on pallets, one on top of the other, throughout the space. As SKUs continued to increase due to the abundance of craft and seasonal brews penetrating today’s  market, staff needed every square inch of the space allotted in that cooler for storage.

keg storage high density mobile storage with cooler storage activrac

Keg storage using mobile racking systems, also called “save an aisle” systems. These storage solutions eliminate wasted aisle space, and users can open up an aisle with the push of a button.

Storage Solution:

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC 16P Powered Mobile Racking System was chosen as it can support 16,000 lbs per carriage, which easily accommodates the weight of the 1/2 barrels (170 lbs per barrel) and 1/6 barrels (85 lbs per barrel) stored on the system.

Storage Results:

The elimination of idle aisles through the use of ActivRAC 16P allowed for 7,000 kegs to be stored, which was an increase of almost 100% from the capacity of conventional shelving.  Additionally, the system design allowed accommodates their existing counterbalanced lift trucks.

Overall, Spacesaver’s ActivRAC mobile racking allowed the distributing company to increase the number of SKUs that are stored and also to provide immediate access and the ability to pick accurately and ship beer out on time.

Learn more about ActivRAC heavy duty mobile systems by downloading the info sheet below.
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