New Lockers for National Guard

01 Feb 2019

Spacesaver consultants are experts in space optimization, and they can often save clients the expense of new construction by re-thinking how areas are used and designing solutions that are a better fit for the space that’s available.

That was the case at an Idaho National Guard unit where soldiers were using lockers that were worn out and too small to accommodate their gear. Because the soldiers couldn’t fit all their gear into a single locker, each soldier was assigned two lockers. They didn’t need quite that much space, though, and the result was that every other locker was half empty. In addition, unit leaders knew the unit could expand in the near future and would need to accommodate approximately 600 soldiers, but they didn’t have funds to construct an addition to the facility.

They turned to their nearby Spacesaver consultant for advice. He visited the facility and carefully measured the locker areas on multiple floors as well as the gear that soldiers typically needed to store. Then he sketched out floor layouts and worked with Spacesaver’s engineering team to design lockers that were two feet taller than the old ones, with door openings that were almost twice as wide. They also incorporated features like padlock hasps for security and perforated doors for ventilation.

The end result is a sturdy set of lockers that meet all the unit’s requirements. Every soldier can comfortably fit every piece of gear into one locker that’s sized perfectly to fit everything they need. There’s no wasted space, so the unit now has enough lockers to accommodate 600 soldiers.

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