New Uniform and Supply Storage Created for High School

07 Jan 2019

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is the U.S. Department of Defense’s largest youth development program, with more than 300,000 cadets enrolled in approximately 1,700 high schools throughout the United States. Each cadet needs supplies, equipment, and uniforms, and these items must be kept clean and organized to prevent loss or damage.

Like many schools, the Virginia high school didn’t have enough storage space to accommodate all these items. Gear was stored in several different areas and it took a long time for instructors and cadets to find what they needed.

School officials called their local Spacesaver consultant, who designed a compact mobile system to consolidate gear and optimize space in a single storage area. The ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System slides on rails to eliminate wasted aisle space and users can open and access an aisle by turning a mechanical-assist handle. The consultant worked with Spacesaver’s engineers to gain additional storage capacity with specially designed dual hanging rods installed on RaptorRAC™ Widespan Shelving.

See below for a photo of the final space showing the diverse areas addressed:

Now cadets and their instructors can focus on training, rather than dealing with cramped and crowded storage areas.  Want to learn more about how we can help you allocate better storage in an existing space?  Contact us today for more information!


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