To open and close the aisles of a high-density mobile storage system, Spacesaver offers four modes of operation: manual, mechanical-assist, powered, and Touch Technology Control.


Powered high-density mobile storage systems provide immediate access to items being stored. The system is activated with the simply push of the button, and a user can enter an aisle as the carriage begins to move. Within the powered mobile system, there are several options for optimum security and safety, including an optional infrared capable control or an optional secure touchpad access aisle control.


The Spacesaver Touch Technology Control™ is a variation on a powered control and offers increased ease-of-use and security. With an interactive and dynamic screen with an intuitive menu and built-in tutorials, the visual features of this control makes it easier than ever to store the items you need in a safe, secure way.


High-density mobile storage units are moved by simply turning an ergonomically designed, soft touch, three-spoke rotating handle. This handle allows users to move carriage weights of 4,000 to 10,000 lbs. with only one pound of effort.


Manual mobile shelving systems are a cost-effective alternative to mechanical assist controls. Pulling a handle moves the carriage from side to side. This is ideal for smaller high-density mobile storage systems with lighter loads.

To see how these modes of operation translates into the types of high-density mobile systems we offer, please visit the Types of High-Density Mobile Storage.


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