Modular storage—standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexibility—is the ideal storage system for a variety of spaces and industries, from pharmacy environments and IT departments to retail spaces and industrial maintenance rooms.

We’ve installed these plastic storage bins on rails in IT departments, hospitals, pharmacies, retail shops, and aircraft and automotive maintenance shops. Contact our storage consultants to get advice on what configurations might work best for you.



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FrameWRX® Storage System

This modular shelving system is comprised of a basic frame, a unique rail system, and a host of components such as bins and shelving that hang on a horizontal rail. Also called bin shelving, the system was designed to maximize the number of standard-sized plastic bins that can hang on the rail, which can be adjusted by hand to accommodate horizontal or sloped storage.

FrameWRX HD®

The FrameWRX HD modular shelving system compresses two rows of the system into one deeper space—what we call “saving an aisle”. This system offers better visibility and easier accessibility than traditional high-density storage products—especially helpful when you’re dealing with a tiny footprint of space.

Modular Shelving: FrameWRX HD

EZRail Element®

FrameWRX’s rail system, the EZ Rail, is attached to the structural frame and gives the modular shelving system the ultimate in flexibility and configurability. The EZ Rail is a simple, one-piece element designed to hold industry standard plastic bins, pegboard, slatrail, and slatwall accessories. In addition to being able to be utilized with FrameWRX, the EZ Rail element can also be installed without fasteners into Spacesaver storage systems such as cantilever library shelving4-post and Case-type shelving, and Universal Weapons Racks (UWR®’s).

Modular Shelving: EZRail

WRXWheels® Supply Cart

Traditional supply carts are only available in limited dimensions and configurations, so finding the perfect solution can often be a challenge. The WRXWheels® transport system, similar to the FrameWRX storage system, mobilizes the items you use the most today and is easily configured to adapt to whatever those needs might be tomorrow.

Modular Shelving: WRXWheels