Rolling Artwork Panels Offer Twice the Artwork Storage

Secure and versatile, Spacesaver’s rolling artwork panels give you twice as much space to store your valuable artwork collection compared to traditional storage.

Our art rack systems, or rolling artwork panels, give you a versatile and secure way to secure your art collections—and each of these racks can store twice as much compared to traditional storage. Double-faced, woven steel mesh design allows galleries and museums to hang artwork on both sides of the rack without interference.

Spacesaver’s rolling artwork panels can be installed in two ways, depending on your needs: ceiling-mounted hand-controlled manual art rack systems, like the Hang Glider Pro®, or a floor-mounted high-density art rack systems for larger collections. In the case of the ceiling-mounted option, the ceiling channels are arranged close together to provide the ultimate storage density, with the panels being suspended by a roller mechanism that allows the panels to roll in and out easily. For the floor-mounted option, the panels are used in conjunction with high-density mobile carriages.

Both systems offer smooth and easy operational functions and provide a more efficient way to organize your collections—for your archival storage as well as any visible storage you might be looking to create.

The Delaware Art Museum utilized an art rack system in conjunction with a high-density mobile storage system as part of an all-around museum storage solution. The rolling artwork panels increased their storage two-fold, given them the opportunity to increase their artwork collection and accept additional acquisitions.