Off-Site Shelving Solutions

Off-site shelving solutions, especially mobile high-bay storage systems, assist in solving libraries and other archival storage needs to redefine their space.

Today’s libraries are changing. As many make room in existing buildings for collaborative spaces, cafes and cafeterias, and lecture halls, libraries around the world are facing a similar challenge—how to squeeze a large amount of irreplaceable book collections, records, and manuscripts into a decreasing amount of storage space. It’s not just libraries that are feeling a space crunch. Off-site book depositories, archival record centers, museums, and even evidence storage centers in police departments are grappling with more items and less space. Designed specifically to provide off-site shelving solutions for storing boxes, books, and other materials, the XTend Mobile High-Bay Shelving system provides optimal space efficiency while also providing increased protection and accessibility.

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Learn more about the features of Mobile High-Bay and Static High-Bay Shelving Systems

Chemical Heritage Foundation

Moving books, journals, archive boxes, and even evidence to an off-site storage facility can free up space in your existing building. When they acquired a historic brownstone to use as an archival storage facility, we worked with the staff of Philadelphia’s Chemical Heritage Foundation as well as the project’s architect to install a combination of static and mobile X-Tend Mobile High Bay Storage Systems to maximize the extremely narrow width of the building. The system allowed the Foundation to bring their entire archival collection into the new building—eliminating the need for the space they were renting in an off-site environmentally controlled facility in Delaware and, by extension, the two-day turnaround time for researchers to obtain archival materials.

X-Tend Static High-Bay Shelving

The X-Tend Static High-Bay Shelving system offers:

  • Box-formed, cold-rolled steel shelf construction
  • Smooth surfaces for sliding archive boxes or book trays
  • Shelves that integrate with a patented side shelf support system
  • Back stops which contain the media on the shelf
  • Durable polyester hybrid power coat paint finish
  • Construction designed to meet NFPA-13, 2010 revised fire codes

X-Tend Mobile High-Bay Shelving

An X-Tend mobile off site shelving solution gives you the same storage capacity as a static High-Bay storage system in less space—or more capacity in the same space.

Both High-Bay off site shelving solutions give you:

  • Protection of stored media
  • Strength and durability
  • Flexibility and adjustability
  • Greater storage density
  • Accessibility