Parachute Storage

Lives depend on the safety and security of military parachute storage. We’ve got a solution that will help jumpers and riggers rest easy.

A military parachute rigger’s primary goal is to be certain about the safety and security of the hundreds of personnel chutes they pack and store on a daily basis—and by extension, the lives of the soldiers they protect. To assist with this important, life-saving priority, Spacesaver has engineered two durable, user-friendly products for optimal military parachute storage—the Universal Storage Container (USC) and the Parachute Rack storage system.

Parachute Rack Storage System

When you trust your life to your parachute, you can trust the Parachute Rack™ storage system to store it safely and securely. Inspired by a textile storage system for the museum industry, this storage system features:

  • Sizes up to 138” high and 48” deep—length of rack determined by room layout
  • Adjustable cantilever arms accommodate different size bags for changing needs—arms are infinitely adjustable horizontally and by 6” increments vertically
  • Arms designed to be moved horizontally along supports, and held securely in place by a thumb screw—eliminating the need for tools.
  • Made from non-reactive fabrication materials
  • All corners rounded and exposed edges deburred to prevent snagging and puncturing of stored materials
  • Single- and double-faced units available
  • Durable powder-coat paint, with many colors available

This system, similar to the Universal Storage Container, can also be used in conjunction with an Eclipse Powered Mobile System or ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System. The parachute rack systems easily mount to the top of mobile carriages to work as an integrated storage system.

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Parachute Storage Rack
Military Storage

Universal Storage Container

This durable and user-friendly parachute storage container optimally stores your parachutes out of harm’s way. Designed to perfectly fit up to 30 T-11 parachutes in model USC42558050R and up to 64 T-11 parachutes in model USC47578053R, these rugged, heavy-duty containers were specifically designed for military parachute storage with input from parariggers around the world.

Features include:

  • Riveted and partially-welded, all heavy-duty steel construction
  • 12 ga. diamond-perforated steel panels and 11 ga. steel frame for durability, visibility, and ventilation
  • Lift points on all sides of container
  • Top door panels life and pivot out of the way for full clearance to the interior
  • Fork truck access from all four sides
  • Stackable up to three units high
  • Accomodates heavy-duty padlocks

The USC parachute storage system can be combined with the ActivRAC® mobilized storage system for the ultimate in convenience in storage density.

Universal Storage Container


parachute storage racks for safe, organized military storage system

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