You’ve most likely heard about the nursing shortage in the United States. At the same time, the U.S. has a growing population over 65, and this population has increasing healthcare needs. And recent healthcare reforms mean that healthcare is accessible to more people than ever before.

As a result of these factors, nurses are spending less time with patients. Many nurses say additional problems arise when they don’t have what they need where they need it. Every moment counts—which is why it’s so important to have the most frequently used supplies just steps away from the patient.

Spacesaver’s CoreSTOR Patient Server helps improve patient care by providing access to medical supplies from both inside and outside patient rooms. It extends fully outside a room for easy stocking of patient care supplies. And its breakthrough design also offers access to supplies from inside the patient room. It’s the best of both worlds: staff can easily stock supplies from the corridor, which improves efficiency and minimizes patient disruption. And medical staff working in the patient room can quickly and easily access the supplies they need, allowing for more time for patient care.


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In addition, the CoreSTOR is something that can be configured depending on your storage needs and can accommodate 4-post shelving or a FrameWRX storage system with EZ Rail.

This patient care storage system also offers:

  • Add-on accessories such as shelves, bins, hooks, and pegs
  • Smooth starts and stops, ensured by durable bearings and a “smooth-stopping” device—allowing the system to open and close easily even when fully stocked

A wide selection of carriage widths and lengths as well as shelving heights to make sure the system complies with your floor plan as well as the necessary building codes

Nurse Server and Patient Care Storage

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The CoreSTOR patient care storage system is just one of many ways we’ve been able to help today’s healthcare practitioners increased efficiencies, minimize unnecessary in-room patient interruptions, and reduce risk of hospital-acquired infections. Click here to learn more about our Healthcare Storage options.

Brochure: Healthcare Overview

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