Types of High Density Mobile Shelving Systems

High density mobile shelving systems give you significantly greater storage capacity per square foot of floor space than conventional shelving. 

High-Density Mobile Shelving System
To eliminate the non-productive space created by fixed aisles, the shelving and cabinets of our high-density mobile storage systems are mounted on wheeled carriages that travel on rails. To initiate carriage movement, we offer four modes of operation: manual, mechanical-assist, powered, and the Touch Technology Control™.

Manual System

Mechanical-Assist System

Powered System

Touch Technology – Powered System

Eclipse Powered Mobile Shelving System

A powered high-density mobile shelving system is the ultimate in safety, security, ease of use, and productivity. Systems that are not mechanical-assist or manual are operated with the Eclipse powered control system. An Eclipse system uses a standard push-button control but can also have the option of an optional infrared-capable control, a secure touchpad aisle access control, or the Touch Technology Control™, an LCD touchscreen that ensures increased security and ease of use.

Powered High Density Mobile Storage
High Density Mobile Storage with Touchscreen Technology for Library

Wheelhouse™ High-Density Mobile Shelving System

Spaces change—and so do plans for that space. Engineered with a welded wheel housing around 3” compact wheels, the Wheelhouse modular mobile shelving system is a low-profile, rigid system that’s designed to directly interlock with a shelving assembly. That means this mobile system is reconfigurable and can easily expand to accommodate changing needs, helping you pack more of whatever you’re storing into an available footprint. We refer to it as the “little brother” of mobile because it offers a similar value to our main line of mobile products for those who are seeking a more cost-effective solution.

High Density Mobile Storage for Athletic Equipment

ActivRAC Mobile Shelving & Racking System

Regardless of your industry, Spacesaver’s ActivRAC mobile racking can provide a solution. The system eliminates empty aisles in your warehouse or storage space by mounting existing pallet racking or shelving on mobile carriages, which move back and forth on rails anchored to the floor. ActivRAC carriages have a load capacity ranging from 7,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. for extremely heavy items—allowing for the easy storage of items ranging from parts to pallets of beer kegs to turbines—and the ability to anchor this mobile racking system to existing concrete makes it a cost-effective solution for increasing capacity in any space—without the need for a space renovation or expansion.

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XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage System

Sometimes you have to look up when it comes to maximizing storage capacity. Designed specifically to provide off-site shelving solutions for boxes, books, evidence, and other materials, the XTend® Mobile High Bay Storage System provides optimal space efficiency while also providing increased protection and accessibility.

Though  Xtend is typically referred to as a mobile high-bay storage system, we can also create static high-bay storage, like the following example.

Moving books, journals, archive boxes, and even evidence to an off-site storage facility can free up space in your existing building. When they acquired a historic brownstone to use as an archival storage facility, we worked with the staff of Philadelphia’s Chemical Heritage Foundation as well as the project’s architect to install a combination of mobile and static X-Tend High Bay storage systems to maximize the extremely narrow width of the building.

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