What is High-Density Mobile Shelving?

We talk about it all the time, but we realize not everyone knows what high-density mobile shelving is—or how it can revolutionize your existing space.

In order to talk about high-density mobile storage (sometimes called mobile shelving or compact storage), we first have to go back to the basics of traditional static storage. Traditional shelving is the standard for almost any space where things are stored—think of the spaces you inhabit on a daily basis, and we’re willing to bet that you see a lot of static bookshelves, filing cabinets, or storage cabinets.

The issues with static storage is that it takes up a fixed amount of space—whether it be in a library, an athletic equipment room, a warehouse, an office, or whatever industry you find yourself in. As industries keep changing, the amount of stuff being housed in your particular space most likely keeps increasing, while your square footage stays the same. And, if you don’t have the money or time for an expansion of your space, there’s a good chance its overcrowded and unorganized. When it’s hard to locate the items you need, it certainly leads to decreased productivity and ultimately, output.

A way to combat these issues is by utilizing high-density mobile shelving. Mobile storage systems eliminate fixed aisles, creating movable aisles that can compact your storage space. Not only can you store the same amount of items in half the space, but these systems also leave you more space for the things that can impact your business or organization.

Libraries Use Mobile Shelving for Collaborative Workspaces, New Technology and Makerspaces

Today’s libraries are using mobile storage to make room for collaborative workspaces, new technology, and makerspaces. In the case of Rutgers University, a mobile storage system was instrumental in compacting all of the book volumes in the Paul Robeson Library from two levels to one in order to make room for a new computer lab.



Archives Use High-Density Storage for Growing Collections

Archives collections When Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Moravian Archives needed to store 8,000 lineal feet of material—4,000 of that being archival records consisting of 20,000 printed volumes and pamphlets—mobile storage doubled their space and was able to fit within the archive’s existing wide space.

In police departments and public safety buildings, the systems have been instrumental in making it easier to handle and process evidence, and museums have been able to compact collections, enabling them to acquire important pieces of history. This was the case of the Delaware Art Museum, which was able to accommodate a large donation of rare and specialized classic books by switching from static shelving to a high-density mobile system.

How it Works:

Any existing or new shelving can be mounted on a high-density mobile shelving system’s track-guided, wheeled mobile carriage. The carriages travel side-to-side on rails that are either placed on top of the floor (surface mounted), or built into the existing floor (recessed).

High Density Mobile Storage Shelving Concept
Fixed Aisles = Wasted Space

Conventional stationary files, shelving and storage cabinets require fixed aisles that waste space.

High-Density Storage = Save 50% of Space

Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Storage Systems eliminate all but one movable aisle, in most cases saving 50% of your floor space for other productive uses

High-Density Storage = Double Storage Capacity

Plus, Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Systems allow you to double the storage capacity of your existing space.

Now that you have a better understanding of what high-density mobile storage is, we’d encourage you to take a look at our types of mobile storage systems.