Right-Sized Shelving Optimizes Space

01 May 2017


A few inches of wasted space might not seem like much of a problem, but those inches really add up across an entire facility.  Did you know we offer 4-post shelving from 12” to 48” deep in one-inch increments, and wide-span shelving from 15”-48” deep and from 48” to 96” wide?

This makes a big difference for institutions that need compact storage for uniformly-sized boxes and other items. For instance, the Parker Police Department in Parker, Colorado, needed to store a large number of standard-sized evidence boxes in its long-term evidence storage area. The local Spacesaver consultant worked with the project architect, department staff, and Spacesaver’s engineering team to create a compact mobile storage system with 40” deep shelving, which was the perfect size to accommodate the boxes without wasting any space.

To ensure that our clients can make the best use of available space, Spacesaver offers expert consulting services and shelving in a variety of lengths, widths, and depths.

At another police department, the shelving was the correct depth, but the shelves were a bit too narrow to accommodate six evidence boxes across, resulting in 9.5 inches of wasted space per shelf. The shelf spacing also wasted vertical space. By ordering a shelving unit that was exactly wide enough to accommodate three boxes across, and by also adjusting the shelving height, the Spacesaver consultant created a solution that actually stored more boxes in a substantially narrower space.

We take your space, and your storage seriously.  Contact us today for a free site assessment!



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