Rolling artwork panels provide compact museum storage

15 Sep 2015

Rolling artwork panels - Museum Storage

Art racks are the preferred option for storing artwork that must be maintained in a vertical (hanging) position, but stationary racks can be difficult to access and take up a large amount of space. Spacesaver rolling artwork panels, also called rolling art racks, provide versatile and secure ways to store and display your art collections, no matter your storage space constraints.

We provide two options for compactly storing and accessing artwork on racks: in-floor racks or ceiling-mounted racks. In our floor-mounted high-density art rack systems, racks are mounted on carriages that move on steel rails. By moving the racks from side to side, staff can easily access artworks when required while eliminating the wasted space between aisles. Spacesaver’s ceiling-mounted option, the Hang Glider Pro®, features ceiling channels that are arranged close together for maximum storage density, with the artwork panels being suspended by a roller mechanism that provides easy access.

With either option, stored materials fit into a much smaller footprint, but safe and convenient access is still assured. These solutions have been used in areas open to public view as well as in storage areas. Learn more about our museum storage products and services here, or download our free lookbook below.


Detail of rolling art rack showing nested railing



  1. Systems can be planned into new construction or installed on existing floors.
  2. Wheel sections can be nested for maximum density (see floor-mounted option in photo).
  3. Roller guide-bearing wheel assemblies
  4. Anti-tip wheel sections
  5. Engineered and manufactured in the USA



Download more information about Museum storage - Philadelphia-Pittsburgh-NJ-PA-DEAs Spacesaver’s authorized representative in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and throughout PA, NJ, and DE, we offer a wide variety of durable, reliable museum storage systems. Download this lookbook for a complete overview of our products.

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