Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the Moravian Archives serves as the official repository for the records of the Moravian Church in America—North Province. All of the records in the Archives document the history of the Moravian Church—specifically the Church in North America, which began in 1740.

The Archives is located in a modern 9,200 square foot building, and contains approximately 8,000 linear feet of material—4,000 feet of that being archival records, consisting of 20,000 printed volumes and pamphlets in the archive’s library. In addition, there are paintings, maps, drawings, prints, photographs, artifacts, and selected personal papers.

From the User:

“The Archives facility was built in 1977, which meant that the shelves were from 1977. Sturdy shelves, no doubt—but we were still running out of space.”

Dr. Paul Peucher - Head Archivist

Peucher and his team looked into Spacesaver shelving soon after he began at the Archives, and decided to invest in a high density bulk storage shelving system. They were so satisfied with the first install that they worked with DSSI, an certified Spacesaver distributor, on another high density bulk storage shelving system a few years later—after reaffirming the good things they already knew from business acquaintances at the nearby Bethlehem Public and Moravian College libraries.

“We knew the product, and we never had any issues with it,” says Peucher. “Going with Spacesaver again just made sense.” Not only does the high density bulk storage shelving system at the Archives double the space needed to store important artifacts, but it also has extra-long carriages, which was something that was important to Peucher, as the available archival space is very wide. “When Spacesaver showed us what they could do with that space, it solved a big technical issue for us,” he says.

“You not only purchase the product, but you also work with a great install team,” Peucher says, discussing the relationship he and the rest of his team had with DSSI. “They did good quality work, and were very easy to work with. With archives, you have all sorts of special collections, and it was great that they were just able to work around us. I would definitely recommend this product to colleagues.”


Additional Archival Storage Stories

We enjoy partnering with museums and archive facilities to create storage solutions that grow as your collections do. After all, collection storage equals collection care. When the Delaware Art Museum came to us needing additional storage space for a collection of rare bindings—months after a major museum expansion—we helped maximize the space they already had.