When the Salisbury Police Department in Allentown, Pennsylvania was planning a complete update and rebuild of their headquarters, they were able to do something that few departments get a chance to do—they were able to sit down as a group and decided what they wanted and needed in their new space. Out of those discussions, two things became apparent.

In addition to making sure the chain of custody for evidence is secure, DSSI also partnered with Salisbury on their locker rooms, suggesting banks of FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers by Spacesaver. “Any law enforcement agency would be well-served by these lockers, “Stiles says. “They’re extremely well made, and they can be changed to meet your department’s needs.”

From the User:

“One thing that came up is that we needed to have a really nice locker room for all of us to use. This is a tough job that everyone has to do, and it’s tough to come into an old, beat-up building and not have a place to change clothes or take a shower and then go home the same way you came in.”

Allen Stiles - Chief of Police, Salisbury Police Department

Another equally large need was a locker system that would protect the department’s chain of custody for evidence in their criminal cases, and in working with DSSI, an authorized Spacesaver distributor, the department found a solution—pass-thru evidence lockers. “We can find evidence that’s part of a criminal case, bring the item in, open the locker door and insert the evidence, lock that locker, and then our evidence technician comes in and is able to open the door from the inside, making sure the evidence is secure,” Stiles says.


Part of what made these storage systems so easy to use, according to Stiles, was the helpfulness of the DSSI Storage Team. “These are great representatives who will work with you to accomplish your goals—and that’s very important to those of us in law enforcement.”

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