Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst military facility is located just outside Trenton, NJ. Originally 3 adjoining, but separate bases – McGuire Air Force Base, Army Fort Dix, and Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst – the facilities merged in 2009 to consolidate certain resources and training facilities. While each base serves its respective branch, all partner to capitalize on the bases’ capabilities.

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) and its 3900 facilities now span more than 20 miles, and the base is home to over 40,000 troops and their families. Because of the consolidation of the three facilities and the number of partners involved with the facility, storage space in the Logistical Readiness warehouse was already limited. Logistical Readiness gear such as helmets, gloves, bags, armor, sleeping bags, and uniforms were originally being stored in a separate bay of the building on traditional static shelving.


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However, when the original storage area was needed for a different mission, all of the gear had to be consolidated into a different section of the warehouse – essentially doubling the number of items in the same amount of space. At the time, the entire building was undergoing a major efficiency upgrade, including new heating, lighting, and floor surfacing. This renovation included a reflective floor to reduce the number of lights needed and a more efficient infrared heating system, so it only made sense to find a more efficient storage solution to house the gear.


To see what military warehouse storage options were available, the facility manager enlisted the help of the storage team at DSSI. After assessing the space and challenges of the base, the team suggested an ActivRAC heavy duty mobile racking system. This solution allowed the base to compact aisle space, and ultimately increase their storage capacity by over 100% while still allowing full forklift access. To make the system more energy-efficient, motion sensors were added so that lights only turn on when specific aisles are in use. As an added perk, JB MDL was able to mount their existing warehouse pallet racking onto a mobile system to save capital resources for other projects.

With the new system, every item in the warehouse is organized for maximum efficiency. In the event of a deployment, all gear is easily accessible and prepared to ensure a smooth transition.

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