With a mission to improve people’s daily lives, a local company produces some of the most well-known pharmaceuticals in the world. However, the company  headquarters lacked storage space in its main warehouse to such an extent that some of their raw materials and packaging materials were being stored in trailers and at a leased facility 15 miles away. In order to stay competitive, managers embarked on a Warehouse Optimization Program – a program that would streamline processes and increase operational efficiency with the intent to continue their core mission.

The first step of the program was to find a better pharmaceutical storage solution.

Luckily, the pharmaceutical company reached out to The Storage Team at DSSI, who recommended ActivRAC Mobilized Storage Systems. Working directly with the warehouse manager and staff, we installed two of Spacesaver’s ActivRAC systems – one each in their West and East warehouses. The West warehouse contained raw materials and packaging equipment, while the East warehouse stored finished products.

The Storage Team worked closely with the end user from the very beginning and was a trusted advisor throughout the process. This was accomplished by participating in planning meetings, customizing the mobile racks to suit the newly installed sprinkler system and lighting, maximizing space, and saving a significant amount of money in the long run.

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The Storage Team was a trusted advisor throughout the process, from planning through completed installation.

After the installation, the warehouse increased capacity by 35% and brought all materials in-house because of the increase in pallet positions. The new compact storage solution allowed the company to reallocate funds that had been going toward rent and leasing facilities to other parts of the business, and this resulted in increased profits.


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Mobile storage saved time, energy, and money by allowing for compact pharmaceutical storage onsite–without expanding warehouses or leasing additional space.

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