Storing gear for multiple sports at a new multi-million-dollar fieldhouse

12 Jun 2019

This prestigious university lacked adequate space to store gear for its 500+ student athletes. Teams were storing athletic equipment in various areas around campus with only one small, central location for sports storage. As a result, student athletes had to spend a lot of time moving between locations to work out, go to practice, grab a meal, and attend tutoring sessions.

When the university began considering concepts for a new fieldhouse, the planning team decided that a top priority would be to support all student athletes in a new and more complete way. They
wanted athletes to be able to spend more time training and studying, and less time in transit from place to place for various activities.

They decided to bring all the teams and their gear together under one roof, along with a dining area, academic support services, sports medicine, workout facilities, and more. In addition to better serving student athletes, this strategy would offer practical opportunities to streamline staff tasks like laundry and equipment repair. It would also allow programs to design storage solutions that would promote efficiency by consolidating gear and optimizing space.

They called in Chicago-based Spacesaver consultants to design storage systems that would consolidate gear, save space, and streamline processes. In the Olympic sports area, each Spacesaver unit is configured to store gear for a particular sport.

For instance, lacrosse sticks are hung on posts to keep them tidy and protected, and hanging rods provide convenient storage for jerseys and other athletic wear. In the football equipment area, large bins are stored on Spacesaver shelving that’s perfectly sized to accommodate them, without wasting space. Helmets, jerseys, shoes, and coaches’ game day apparel are also stored on the Spacesaver system.  See below for a photo of the final space:

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