Storing samples in demanding environments?

29 Apr 2014



Did you know?

In average to extreme conditions, Spacesaver high-density mobile storage systems eliminate all but one movable aisle, giving you DOUBLE the amount of storage in the same square footprint of space. This high level space utilization concept can easily be applied for Pharmaceutical storage, where the need to safely and securely store samples in freezer temperatures is paramount. See below for our Top 4 Reasons why Spacesaver high density  is the perfect solution for your Pharmaceutical storage:

1.  Save Space

By utilizing the Spacesaver high density concept, you can increase the amount of product within the existing chamber, providing more space for Pharmaceutical storage items, such as:

  • Production batch sample storage
  • QA sample storage
  • Raw materials for manufacturing

2.  Save Money

  • Reduce building costs by eliminating the need to increase existing chamber space.
  • Spacesaver’s unique low profile rail eliminates the need for a sub-floor installation.

3.  Save Energy

  • Decrease the monthly expense of costly energy usage by increasing the density of products within the existing space.

4.  Resilient Design

  • Spacesaver’s sleek STAINLESS STEEL design on rail, carriage, controls, and shelving won’t deteriorate under demanding conditions of the  chamber space.

INCREASE STORAGE CAPACITY in Pharmaceutical environmental chambers with the Spacesaver High Density concept.


Click to view the video below demonstrating how Spacesaver high density solutions are an easy way to solve any Pharmaceutical storage situation:



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