Textiles Preserved at University Art Gallery

16 Jul 2018

Faculty and staff at the Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, wanted to create the best possible preservation environment for the gallery’s textile collection. Because the collection includes pieces of various sizes, from small needlework panels to large quilts, they needed a variety of collections care equipment to ensure that items would be preserved in optimal conditions.

Cantilever textile racks: Quilts, blankets, banners, and other large textiles can be stored rolled up in order to maximize space and avoid the creases that can form over time when an item is folded. The gallery had been using a textile roll racking system that was difficult to adjust and was not optimized to hold many rolls. The new Spacesaver textile racks ensure that every cubic inch of space can be used, with various tube lengths and arms that are sturdy and easy to adjust horizontally and vertically.

Cabinets: The gallery’s existing cabinets were improperly ventilated and sealed, and they were also difficult to configure. The Spacesaver solution involves shallow trays for framed needlework and other small textiles, as well as deeper trays designed for larger items. In both cases, the trays can be completely removed from the cabinets, allowing staff and researchers to fully view the collection.

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